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Something to look forward to!

2009-11-30 18:36:39 by styrecat

I have been drawing and doing character design recently for some future animations I will be helping create.

I'm going to start working on them as soon as possible, but I've been busy animating online lessons for another company - so that is eating up my time.

I'm thinking we will have something to upload here on Newgrounds in the new year :D

Keep a look out!

Flash in the making

2009-01-27 12:56:46 by styrecat

I have so many ideas for flash that it is hard to decide which one to do. I guess everyone here has that problem, but it sucks, eh? I'm hoping to develope some episodes involving Styre, Malkira, and Prince Reno to help better develope their pasts, relationships, and their story in general.

I think I might use the song "Zombie" by the Cranberries as my first animation tool

I also really like "What if we could" by Blue October, I can imagine how Styre and Malkira met in that song.

Really, this journal is just a place to right down my ideas, nothing spectacular here.

I'm almost done my first Flash puzzle and I think I might add it here to Newgrounds...

we'll see